The Wedding

Hello world, on Saturday the 2nd of March 2012 I was at my second  cousins wedding. My Dad was an usher along with Arron the grooms (Benji was the groom) brother and Josh another one of Benjis brothers was the best man. There was one brother left who was called Jason. If you look two posts down you will see the Bride (Amanda) and the brides brother (Kevin) doing a funny dance. Well the actuall wedding its self was at Zetland church and the suppost to be page boy (Logan(the brides son) was taken to the back to play with his granny. In all of this I was wearing  a kilt and I hope I can  do post with a picture of me in my kilt. Then after the wedding seremony we went to the Grange Manor for the meal, th speechs and the evening party. So first we stayed in the smaller part with the bar and then we went through for the meal. I had  chicken nuggets and chips and so did my big brother David and the little girl called Masie at our table who was a flower girl and also Jason (the grooms brothers) daughter. So after the meal we were on to the speechs and first to go was Kevin the brides brother. his was puite a sad one about how not many boys get to walk theyre big sister down the isle. Then it was Benji the grooms turn. He was thanking everybody and getting us all exersising by giving everybody a toast. Then it was Josh the best mans turn and his was the funniest because it was lots of pictures like it showed Benji at the stag night when he had had too many drinks. The first picture was funny because it showed Amanda on her phone and she was shreeking and Benji was looking straight at the camera and was staring with his eyes wide open. Then at the after party the first dance was Amanda and Benji on their own. Then it was Benji and amanda, my Mam and Dad, Arron and a bridesmade, Josh and a bridesmade, Jason and Lucy, Kevin and Sharon Benjis Mum, Auntie Jannette and William. Then the third dance was Kevin and Amanda doing their funny wedding dance which is two post down. Then sadly I had tyo go to my Grans for a sleepover at nine o’cklock. Through all of this I was wearing a kilt and I hope I can put a post on of me wearing my kilt. Well Goodbye World 🙂

Random Acts of Kindness Report

Stuart M Random Acts of Kindness Report
Recently in class we have been trying out some Kindness ideas. (R.A.K for short).
First we made little cards with nice compliments in them. Then we gave ourselves ambassador names. Mine was the ambassador of joyfulness. Then we made business cards with our ambassador statements on them. We then made snowflake compliments for some teachers in the school. We then secretly stuck them on their doors with blue tack. Then we made books for the P1’s. Mine was called Bully Bear! It’s about a bear that isn’t kind but one day loses his dog and the people he bullies helps him find his dog and in the end they find his dog and they become best friends. Before we read our books to them we read our letters to them asking them if they wanted to be our reading buddies. The next day we read our books to the P1’s. My buddies Ethan, Ben and Hannah all liked my story. 

Random acts of kindness

Hello world, we have been doing Random Acts of Kindness. In this time we have done a load of kindness ideas, first we passed round envelopes and you had to say a nice thing about the persons envelope you had, then we made business cards and statements about what ambassador you were (I was the ambassador of Joyfulness), then we did the secret compliment snowflakes and now we are making books to read to the Primary 1’s. Good Bye world 🙂

40th Birthdays

On the 17th of December 2012, it was my Mums 40th birthday! On the 27th of December 2012, it was my Auntie Margaret Ann’s 40th birthday! On the night of my Mums birthday, we went to the Sepia (Antonio’s) for her birthday dinner. It was amazing and another thing was…. my little cousins Leo and Holly were there with my Auntie Tracey and Uncle Martin and also my friends Ian and Sarah were there with their Mum and Dad, Auntie Margaret Ann and Uncle Stuart. After that we went back to my house and my Mum opened all her presents. Then all the kids went upstairs to my brothers bedroom to watch a movie. On my Auntie Margaret Ann’s birthday we all went to her house and all the kids went upstairs to play my friends game Fifa 13 (he got that for his Christmas).  My family stayed until 11:00!!!!!!